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We invest selectively in early-stage startups (from Pre-Seed to Series A) dedicated to sustainable food, thanks to our network of committed investors.

Jeriko takes part in Neo Earth's first fundraising round to unlock the immense potential or microalgae
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The global food system is responsible for almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions. To cope with the climate emergency, we have no choice but to change our food and production models. We have to find solutions to ensure the resilience of agriculture and guarantee food security. We have to change consumption patterns to limit global warming and guarantee better health for individuals. Innovative solutions come from startups, and we support those that we believe are capable of developing smart solutions at scale and generating maximum impact.

Reinventing our food system

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Collectiv FoodCollectiv Food
Petty WellPetty Well

Collectiv Food helps restaurants optimize their sourcing by reinventing the supply chain: more transparent, more reliable and more sustainable.

The Japanese-inspired brand of fresh snacks: fresh, balanced and affordable.

Petty Well offers personalized nutrition for dogs and cats.

Hyperplan offers players in the agri-food sector a crop monitoring platform that enables them to make better decisions.

The first 100% electric tractor for agriculture.

Nutropy develops alternative dairy products using precision fermentation technology.


Alvie has developed HYGO, the first digital assistant to help farmers reduce their pesticide consumption.


Nudj offers a range of 100% natural vegetable dishes based on Jacquier fruit. No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives.


SpaceSense enables developers to build intelligent AI-based solutions to track crops, carbon sequestration and business trends.

Thanks to its satellite monitoring and AI technology, Carbonfarm promotes virtuous rice-growing practices, drastically reducing methane emissions.


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Verti is a network of vertical farms, able to produce delicious and fresh lettuces anywhere, everyday.


Neo Earth develops advanced microalgae strains and optimized cultivation processes to producers worldwide.

Neo EarthNeo Earth

Foodflow enables restaurant owners to source fresh and dry food products via a one-stop ordering and delivery tracking platform.