Neo Earth unlocks the immense potential of microalgae

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2/23/20241 min read

The microalgae market is currently booming, positioning this aquatic plant as a credible alternative to a number of conventional products, offering sustainable products while decarbonising the environment. The proteins and other molecules derived from this plant are used in a variety of sectors:

  • human and animal nutrition

  • food supplements

  • cosmetics

  • natural dyes

  • aquaculture

  • biomass and bioenergy

The main problem addressed by Neo Earth is the low productivity of traditional strains of microalgae, the raw material for producers, which leads to high production costs. This limits the competitiveness of microalgae compared to CO2-emitting alternatives in various industrial sectors. Microalgae producers are seeking solutions to increase yields and reduce costs in order to make microalgae more affordable and environmentally friendly. This issue is crucial for promoting the widespread adoption of microalgae as a sustainable alternative to conventional products.

Neo Earth is developing a new approach to the market by providing high-yield microalgae strains suited to producers looking to improve their productivity.

Neo Earth is targetting key industries such as food, cosmetics, nutraceutics, animal feed, aquaculture, biomaterials, etc. aiming to reduce environmental impact while meeting their demands. In just a few months, Neo Earth has already succeeded in winning over major players in the sector.

Alongside Newfund Capital, we were able to bring together investors from the Jeriko community to finance the acceleration of the project, led by two inspiring founders, Saïd and Charles-Antoine.

Neo Earth closes its first fundraising!

Saïd Ihammouine And Charles-Antoine Boels, co-founders of Neo Earth.

Neo Earth team
Neo Earth team

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